Thursday, May 10, 2007

New Zealand: Dunedin - Cadbury - Larnach Castle

Photo gallery: Dunedin - Cadbury - Larnach Castle

From the west shore of the South island we straightaway moved to the opposite one, specifically to the town of Dunedin.

We have very sweet experience from there thanks to a fascinating guided tour around the Cadbury Dunedin chocolate factory accompanied by tasting Cadbury products along the way :).

We also explored Larnach Castle, the only castle in New Zealand (btw Australia has none). It was built in 1871 and is still privately owned. Instead of an interior tour we spent more than one hour in a glorious botanic garden adjacent to the castle. There we took many macro-photos, so I decided to place them into another photo gallery. We were thinking about staying in the castle overnight, but after all a camp fitted into our budget better :).

At the end of the photo gallery you can find several photos of aboriginal Maori people and their culture.

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