Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Magic World of Czech Illustrators for Children

Photo gallery: The Magic World of Czech Illustrators for Children

The special exhibition has recently taken place in Sydney… Even in the Czech Republic I’d never seen a similar thing :). Almost each of these illustrators is world known and has won many international awards.

On one spot we saw the most popular pictures from fairytales by such names as:

  • Adolf Born (e.g. Max and Sally, Puss in Boots, Pipi Longstocking),
  • Karel Franta (e.g. Punch in Hell),
  • Stanislav Holy (e.g. Mister Pip’s Walk),
  • Vladimir Jiranek (e.g. Bob and Bobbek: Rabbits from the Hat),
  • Josef Lada (e.g. K.J.Erben’s Fairytales),
  • Zdenek Miller (e.g. The Mole),
  • Radek Pilar (e.g. Rumcajs),
  • Odrej Sekora (e.g. Book of Ferda The Ant),
  • Zdenek Smetana (e.g. Stories of the Stump Cottage),
  • Jiri Trnka (e.g. Arabian Nights),
  • Helena Zmatlikova (e.g. Jenicek and Marenka), and much more.

The translated titles of fairytales are so funny, aren’t they? So sit down comfortably and go back to your childhood…


Anonymous said...

Ahoj Miro, no to je narez. To jsem se pobavil. Verim, ze to musela byt uzasna vystava, ale jak jsi vypisoval pro "necesky" mluvici ty jednotlive pohadky, tak jsem se moc nechytal, co je co. Ale dostal me Ferda mravenec v anglicke verzi :) Mej se. Petr

Anonymous said...

Cago, me se preklad Ferdy libi. Jsou tam i lepsi preklady. Casto pochybuju, jestli to byly nazvy pohadek.