Friday, September 29, 2006

Sharks on Bondi Beach

Two sharks came to within 50 meters of the beach several days ago!

Hundreds of swimmers were called out of the water after two sharks were spotted close to shore. Because it was very hot day there were about 30.000 people on Bondi beach at 2pm. We just saw lifeguards on two jet skis, guided to the sharks by the helicopter support.

After half an hour people were allowed back into the water. People slowly went back in but some said they were never coming to the beach again :). The lifeguards patrolled the water for the rest of the day while the sharks disappeared into the deep.

The sharks had most likely been whalers, considered to be most dangerous fish in the ocean. The Sydney Council is currently trying to reitroduce aerial patrol which ceased operation two years ago. The aerial patrol are the only safe option to protect beachgoers against shark attacks. According to experts we should expect to see more sharks in the coming month.

In the picture is a shark spotted on Bondi several months ago.

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Anonymous said...

Whale sharks aren't dangerous to humans; they eat algae and plankton- probably the biggest thing they munch on is squid. AND I think you'll find they are typically on the Western coast of Australia, not the Eastern.

Look them up.